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Bizbin, at its heart, is a framework for referrals. It’s how businesses spread in the real world, but there are some drawbacks with the real world that can keep a business grounded. Bizbin is bringing referrals online, making them easier for customers to refer and spread the businesses that they trust. Here are a few issues that we have discovered with referrals and Bizbin’s solution for each.

Outdated Business Information
We live in a world where phone numbers, emails, websites, locations, and even names change often. How many business cards do you have lying around with old information? Now imagine how many business cards you have circulating in the world with outdated phone numbers. I snicker whenever someone gives me a business card with a number crossed out and their current number written above it in pen. Not the kind of first impression you want to make.

Bizbin makes it easy to keep your business up-to-date. You can edit your information in the app at any time and the updates are instantaneous. When you share your business through Bizbin, customers are going to see the information you keep up dated regardless of whether they look at it today or a year from now.

Immediate Need
It’s not always the case that someone needs your services when you’re business is referred to them. It could be months, or even years, before a situation comes up where they need to contact you. What happens in this case? Your business referral goes directly in the trash. They don’t need it, so why should they keep it? Later, when they do need your services, they go ask another friend for a recommendation and that referred business may not be you. Sometimes referrals are all about timing.

When a customer refers your business on Bizbin, the referral is always there. A friend of the customer that referred you can open up the app and find your business in their network as a referred business. This will happen whether their friend searches today or a year from now – no matter when they need your services.

I have a friend who is very good at marketing and I love referring him new business. When I find out someone needs any services in the marketing sphere, I’m happy to refer them to my contact. There is a problem with this scenario: I have several connections, all of which could use marketing services, but I only refer when someone asks for it. I don’t go around to all my friends and ask if they need marketing services, that would be a little weird.

On the flip side of that, when I need services of a particular skill, I have to go to each of my friends and ask if they know anybody that could help. I can send out an email, text, call them up on the phone, etc. In any case, it’s a lot of work to find a good referral.

Bizbin solves both of these problems through referral networks. When I refer my friend’s marketing company to my network, everyone sees it. If they need those services, they know who to contact. On the other side, if I need a good lawyer or designer, I can search for one in my network.

Bizbin is About Trust
At Bizbin, we are dedicated to keeping businesses trustworthy and we do this through our core system of referral networks. People don’t refer businesses to their connections that they don’t like, this is good for both business and customer.

For a business it means you’re only going to be placed in networks where a customer is actually willing to promote you to their friends. If a customer likes your business, it’s likely they associate with others that would like your business as well.

For a customer it means when they search their referral network they know that each business in the results has been referred by one of their friends, by someone they know, by someone they trust. The customer doesn’t have to ask all their friends every time they need a referral.

This is fundamentally different from reviews. Reviews can be faked, paid for, and extremely negative if the customer is having a bad day. Businesses can game reviews and customers can’t trust them, so it’s a no-win situation. With Bizbin, referrals create a positive atmosphere for everyone.


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