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You’ll notice some changes in the latest version of the app. We rearranged some things, changed the app icon, smoothed out some interface elements and added Business Chat.

What is Business Chat? Glad you asked :)

Start a conversation with a business.

Start a conversation with a business.

It’s much like any other messaging app you’ve used, except this one is catered to your business. You can even add a background that customers will see when they strike up a chat with you. You can chat with anyone you find in the app, and anyone that finds you can chat with your business. You will also notice on your home screen the new tab “Messages” which shows you your latest conversations, whether it’s with customers or other businesses.

Here’s the lo-down on the features

  • You can invite contacts to chat with your business, no need to wait for someone to find you.
  • View your referrals ( you can find them on your business page below your activities ) and chat with anyone that has referred your business – just click on their profile and then “Message”
  • Right now you can send messages and images – this will get you started, we will be adding additional functionality later.
  • Click on the gear icon to add a chat background
  • Click on the person icon to select who you want to chat with. This section will collect people that you have chatted with or those that have engaged with you.
  • If you want to send a message to more than one person, touch the “edit” button just above the message box. Send to everyone in your list or just a few. This is a great way to inform your customers of important information that’s relevant to a group.
  • Business Chat is available on your desktop browser as well.
  • If your customer doesn’t have the app, they will still get your message via email and they can reply using the browser version.

Want to try it out? Find your business on or start a chat with Bizbin Support, we would love to hear from you.



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