More and more small businesses are turning to Bizbin to grow their customer base, because if a customer trusts your business they’re going to share it with their friends.

Why use Bizbin

There are no reviews.
At first, this might seem like a bad thing, but actually it’s a win for the customer as well as the business.

  1. How many customers actually write reviews? It’s a small percentage. With Bizbin it’s easy for customers to refer your business to their friends – no writing required.
  2. If a customer doesn’t like your service, they just remove your business from their list. A customer that’s having a bad day can’t rant about it on your business page.
  3. Because Bizbin builds referral networks, your business can fit into several social circles completely separated from each other.

So don’t ask your customer to spend their valuable time writing a review that’s just going to end up sounding like everyone else’s. Instead, have them refer your business on Bizbin easily to their network of friends with a single touch.’

Business Chat
Use business chat to engage with your customers. Bizbin gives you full control, and even allows you to add a background image to your chat room. All chats are private, so customers can only see the chat messages between you and them. Business chat also works with your browser, so you can chat on your computer at home or in the Bizbin mobile app on the go.

Trusted Referrals
See who is referring your business. You are notified whenever anyone refers your business. You can see who is referring your business in your network as well as referrals outside of your network.

Engagement Tools
Activities allow you to promote specials, events, or new products to customers that have saved your business. This is a great way to engage with customers that are always looking for deals. When you add an activity to your account, anyone that has saved your business will receive the notification.

What are you waiting for?

Add Your Business on Bizbin and start building your referral networks. It’s easy an only takes a minute.